Zen Internet launches Zen Vault Enterprise to the Channel

Zen Internet has launched a new online data backup solution specifically for the channel, Zen Vault Enterprise.

There is a huge cost to the UK economy every year to restore business data that has been lost due to either human error or IT failure. According to the Times, an independent survey of SMEs found that more than 60 million working days are put in jeopardy each year as employees are forced to down tools while the IT department restores lost data.

Zen says the simplest way for businesses to protect their data is to deploy an online data backup solution, which is exactly why Synapse UK Limited, a Zen Partner, has already added Zen Vault Enterprise to its existing portfolio of products and services.

‘We’ve been offering online data backup in various guises to our customers since 1998 and have long said that tape and alternative means have had their day. We’ve previously run the service in-house ourselves but due to our close and ever-growing relationship with Zen we’re delighted to have them running the back-end for us,’ said Clive Sheppard, Technical Consultant, Synapse UK.

‘The Zen Vault Enterprise product brings Windows 7 compatibility to our portfolio as our existing online data backup product will not be compatible for several months.’

‘Zen have a similar focus to ourselves with regards to customer service. Over 95% of our clients are connected to the Internet via a Zen connection or have data housed on our Zen Managed or Dedicated servers. Migrating our clients’ backups to Zen Vault Enterprise is a logical progression for us and provides a really effective solution for our clients,’ said Sheppard.

Zen Vault Enterprise is a new solution providing automated backup for any combination of severs, desktops and laptops across a business and compliments Zen’s existing data backup solutions. Zen Vault Express is designed for desktop and laptop users, ideal for small and home office and Zen Vault Professional provides powerful, flexible and robust online data backup for servers for business of all sizes.

Specifically designed for businesses with multiple offices and large storage requirements, Zen Vault Enterprise enables businesses to efficiently centralise data backup within Zen’s Data Centres through the provision of a large allocation of mirrored, UK based SAN storage.

Automation of the backup process is provided using Attix5 professional backup and recovery software for desktops, laptops and servers. Enterprise solutions incorporate all the technical features of both Zen Vault Express and Professional and therefore provides an overall offsite backup solution for multiple data sources in a business.

Zen Vault Enterprise also gives IT administrators’ full visibility and control over the backup process through the use of a centralised management console. The management console enables administrators to monitor the performance of device backups through a single portal therefore reducing the time and effort associated with managing backup processes.
‘The launch of value added services like Zen’s Vault Enterprise clearly demonstrates our commitment to working with our Partners and expanding our services so we can meet all their requirements,’ said Andrew Saunders, Head of Product Management and Marketing.

‘We have specifically designed Vault Enterprise as a Partner centric product that requires minimal start-up investment and allows Partners to easily establish themselves as a provider of online data backup solutions. We will continue to work with Partners who share a desire to provide an excellent end-to-end customer experience and understand the value of offering reliable, award winning products and services’, added Saunders.

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