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Zen Reduce SIP Call Charges

Zen Internet has today announced that it is reducing its Business Talk SIP call charges by up to 40% from the 1st April.

From 1st April, all new and existing Business Talk SIP customers will see call rates reduced for UK Mobile calls from 8 to 6 pence per minute and for UK National Calls from 0.84 to 0.50 pence per minute. That’s up to a 40% saving.

Zen has a range of connectivity solutions to support the delivery of Business Talk SIP and other VoIP or multi-media applications delivered by Partners. This includes QoS enabled IP VPN solutions to ensure the end-to-end performance of VoIP.
As Zen is already providing its customers with a connectivity solution, it is able to offer Business Talk SIP as a value added service over its existing Broadband, Fibre Optic Broadband and Leased Line Partners. For resellers currently selling these services moving to Business Talk SIP is a simple and important move for Partners wanting to grow their revenue.

There are additional benefits for disaster recovery and business continuity planning applications when using Business Talk SIP. In the event that a business is forced to close an office, through bad weather, sickness or security alert, calls can be routed to another office or answering locations ensuring that your business can continue to operate. Businesses needing to move location temporarily from London to Manchester can take their numbers with them. Meaning a business can continue even after an office location closes.

“At Zen, we talk a lot about the convergence of voice, data and Internet access, and Business Talk SIP is a good example of how this can help businesses reduce costs and improve communications. Now from the 1st April, Zen’s customers can reduce costs even further with a saving of nearly 40% on Business Talk SIP call charges”, said James Griffin, Head of Product Management and Marketing.

Business Talk SIP is highly scalable, as additional call capacity can be added for minimal cost. SIP Trunking also allows the use of geographic number ranges outside a business’s normal area code, giving the business a local feel to its customers.
“With Business Talk SIP, Zen Internet provides the whole package. With our own core infrastructure, we know we can deliver. Our customers can be confident that these services come with the same high level of service and support as Zen’s award winning Broadband. Introducing these new services clearly demonstrates our commitment to provide the best ISP service in the UK,” added James.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine