Zest4 Release Tough Tracker Into Channel

Millions of pounds of machinery, equipment and other valuable assets are being stolen from UK businesses every year. Zest4 has released their new asset tracking solution, dubbed ‘Tough Tracker’, into the Channel. The new bullet-proof device has built in industrial strength shell to deter against theft and a GPS satellite positioning system that allows you to track all your assets 24/7.

Commenting on the Tough Tracker Anton Le Saux said, “Our patented, industrial strength design deters against theft. Tough Tracker is the only tracking device with a radio-comms translucent steel casing, making it extremely difficult to tamper with.
Once each of your valuable assets are secured with a Tough Tracker device, you can track them via your personal dashboard. Asset positions are displayed on a simple, map based interface that allows you to track and manage multiple assets at the same time. You can even assign each asset with its own personalised ID.

Features include:

24/7 tracking – Tough Tracker allows you to keep track of your assets via a simple map based interface. Multiple assets can be easily tracked and managed around the clock.

Geo-fencing alerts – Geo-Fencing Alerts: Receive SMS notifications when an asset is moved or stolen. Geo-fencing allows you to manage all your assets smartly and securely

Anti-tamper system – Impact and anti-tamper alerts notify you in case of attempted removal. Tough Tracker can withstand multiple hits from a sledgehammer, but even if someone does attempt this, you’ll be notified.

Long lasting battery – Depending on how often you set device location alerts, Tough Tracker has a battery life of up to 10 years and does not require an external power source.

Alerts on the go – Manage your assets by setting geo-fence alerts, making sure you always know the whereabouts of all your assets. As soon as an asset is moved without your consent, you’ll be sent an alert by SMS.

Anton continued, “The Tough Tracker is available to all channel partner now through Zest4. It’s a very simple commercial model with an upfront purchase on the hardware and a monthly licence fee for the software and tracking of each device that will give you another element of recurring revenue in your base.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine