Zultys Announces Wireless Conference Phone

Zultys Technologies has announced the BTC phone, a wireless conference phone that is compatible with its range of SIP IP phones as well as mobile phones. Zultys say the BTC (Bluetooth Conference Phone) provides unparalleled speech quality and removes clutter from the conference room table.

The BTC is being sold on its ease of use, having just three buttons. The phone is paired with any Bluetooth phone such as the Zultys ZIP 4×5 IP phone. Calls can be originated on the ZIP 4×5 phone or on the BTC phone using voice activated dialing. Calls can be answered on either phone. A conference call with multiple parties can be made using the features of the ZIP 4×5 phone. With its Bluetooth capability, these features are also available in conjunction with any other Bluetooth phone, including cell phones.

“We selected Zultys products to support a quality experience for our customers when contacting our helpdesk and have been delighted with the quality of the products since installing them,” said Mark Herbert, Managing Director, intY. ” There has not been a viable solution for adding conference phones to an IP system before Zultys introduced this phone and the attention to voice quality on the Zultys system should make their new conference phone a particular success.”

The vendor says the BTC phone rounds out a range of SIP phones which includes Ethernet and Wi-Fi sets and permits an exclusively SIP installation to add conference phones without running wires to carry analogue signals.

“When people think of conference room phones, they usually think of one supplier,” said Patrick Ferriter, VP of Product Marketing at Zultys. “This phone will radically change the perception of what a conference phone should be like. Instead of stagnant features, Zultys has demonstrated clear technological leadership with this product.”

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