Zultys Euro Team Jumps Ship

In the wake of an uncertain future at Zultys their entire EMEA sales team has shipped out en masse to join rival VoIP vendor Shoretel.

Justine Cross, previously head of Zultys’ EMEA business development, becomes director business development EMEA at Shoretel, while her colleague Jackie Iddon becomes area sales manager and Tom Hassan, sales engineer.

Geoff Gudgion, Shoretel’s Managing Director, EMEA states: “The IP Telephony market is experiencing significant growth at around 25 per cent per annum. Shoretel is growing at triple the market rate and is profitable, so it is sad and surprising to see an emerging player like Zultys in difficulties. The big players need more good challengers, not fewer.”

He continued: “I was hugely impressed with Justine, Jackie and Tom and by appointing them I am bringing in some of the skills, personalities and experience that helped Zultys to build such a good reputation in Europe. I am confident that their technical expertise and international know-how will help Shoretel accelerate its growth into EMEA.

On the appointments, Justine says: “It was a big decision to make, but from the outset it was clear that Shoretel was thinking long term and was not just after our immediate sales pipeline. I was really impressed with Geoff’s commitment to integrating us into a long-term strategy and it is great to be part of the Shoretel team.

“When Zultys downsized, many of our partners were left with a pipeline of orders but no product to fulfil them with. Our long-standing relationships meant that we wanted to give them an alternative from an established player, yet with the same innovation and quality of service that they would expect from Zultys. Shoretel ticked all of these boxes. Its success in the US is testament to the quality of Shoretel’s product and excellent service delivery.”

The appointments were effective from 21st August, and the combined team are now scheduling briefing meetings with former Zultys partners and distributors

Asked about the impact on Shoretel’s channel strategy, Gudgion commented:

“Shoretel’s 100% indirect policy is entirely compatible with the 2-tier Value-Added Distribution/Reseller model formerly employed by Zultys. Shoretel will continue to under-write customer satisfaction by allowing sales only via accredited partners, and limiting the number of those partners so that margins and competitive differentiation are maintained.”

In addition to individual calls and meetings, the expanded ShoreTel team will be hosting an open day both for its existing and prospective reseller partners, and for Zultys’ partners and distributors. The event will take place on 5th September.

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