Zultys Releases Version 3 IP PBX Software

Zultys Technologies has announced the release of version 3.0 of the software for their MX30 and MX250 IP PBXs with the company saying the software provides features unavailable on competing products and ensures that the users of Zultys IP telephony systems have the best productivity tools available.

“This release is the culmination of a major software development effort that has been in process for over a year,” said Iain Milnes, president of Zultys. “There has been extensive testing done for the past six months at over 80 trial sites around the globe. The feedback has been extremely positive and puts us way ahead of those companies struggling to shore up their telephony offerings.”

Some of the major features introduced are:
— instant message (IM) bridge between the Zultys PBX and public IM
services such as AOL, ICQ, Yahoo!, and MSN
— advanced automated attendant (AA), or basic IVR
— integration with Microsoft Exchange for unified messaging
— support for fractional PCM (T1 or E1) on the MX30 system

The IM feature now permits a business to control users having access to outside IM services while maintaining internal security and allowing all messages to be archived. This allows a business to give its employees the tools to better communicate with business partners while at the same time reducing many unnecessary interactions.

US based resellers were quick to comment on the new release:

“Our customers are extremely happy to have this IM to the outside feature,” said Charles Green, Business Development Manager, Government Accounts, at MidAtlantic Broadband, a broadband services provider with headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland.

“Before release 3 from Zultys we had to block all of the ports on our customers’ firewalls so that no one could use external IM. With version 3 on the MX250, they will now have the security they want and the control the law requires, while at the same time getting the benefits of archiving the text. It’s great!”

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