ZyXEL Communications Joins the Panasonic Solution Developer Network

ZyXEL Communications has been authorised as a technology partner in the Panasonic Solution Developer Network (PSDN) program. The alliance joins two of the leading manufacturers of advanced networking products and technologies – Panasonic’s i-Pro Series of intelligent and professional IP video surveillance products, and the ZyXEL Enterprise switch portfolio which ensures both quality of service of the CCTV video streams at the core of the network and provides a full PoE enabled IP surveillance infrastructure.

The use of professional-grade network technology is essential for mission-critical security applications, where system down-time is not acceptable. However, up until now, CCTV planners have had little choice but to use prohibitively expensive enterprise solutions from specialist companies, or to compromise and risk down-time with equipment designed for general purpose broadband applications. Now, for the first time a leading global provider is tailoring a top-end solution to the needs of CCTV system designers.

Paul Meehan, Head of System Networks Company welcomed the inclusion of ZyXEL in the PSDN program “We are extremely pleased to be working with ZyXEL Communications’ experienced team of networking professionals. Cross-cultivation of our respective products has already begun through ZyXEL’s existing alliance with CCTV Center, a Panasonic Systems Distributor in the UK and we will build on this alignment to offer security installers a solution, where the customer has the reassurance of a lab tested IT infrastructure, guaranteeing the quality of the supporting IP network”

“As the CCTV security market continues to migrate toward an IP networked platform, interoperability and quality of service across the IP-enabled devices is critical” said Alpha Chen, VP of ZyXEL’s Enterprise Solution Strategy Business Unit, “ZyXEL’s Enterprise Switches enable smooth data handling from the video stream at the core of the network to the IP cameras at the edge. We look forward to working with Panasonic to develop and deploy interoperable network solutions that fully capitalise on our respective core strengths and deliver true benefits to our customers”.

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