Zyxel Devices Enable Zero Delay Roaming for Voice and Data

Zyxel Communications has announced the latest additions to its business wireless portfolio. The suite of products enables SMBs to quickly and easily implement a secure, scalable and managed wireless LAN for voice and data.

The new NXC-8160 WLAN switch and ultra thin access point NWA-8500 changes traditional wireless deployment to create a blanket of wireless coverage across the business, enabling unrestricted zero delay roaming which is ideal for wireless VoIP calls. Zyxel has also launched two new traditional dual-band 802.11 a/b/g enterprise class access points, the NWA-3100 single radio and NWA-3500 dual radio version, which bring additional roaming and QoS enhancements.

“Until now, creating a truly mobile work environment has proven to be difficult for small and medium sized businesses,” said James Walker, product manager for wireless, ZyXEL. “However, creating a blanket of wireless coverage where you can access voice and data services without interruption throughout the business premises is ideal for these businesses and we expect to see a great deal of interest in the hospitality, retail and education markets for this type of solution.”

Wireless technology has now evolved to the next generation with the NXC-8160. Together with its unique NWA-8500 access point it provides blanket wireless coverage ensuring network access is uninterrupted. Multiple access points can be unified to provide the physical appearance of a single unit, enabling end-users to move without restriction and ensuring the zero delay handover between access points needed for wireless VoIP installations. Unlike traditional wireless networks, in order to ensure communication is always at the fastest possible speed, clients can communicate with more than one access point simultaneously, making the most efficient use of the network.

An additional four NXC-8160 switches can be added to the network creating a virtual stack in order to unify security, SSID (the wireless network name) and other information for up to 40 access points from one management switch. This helps to simplify and reduce the cost of their management as they can be administered as a virtual group.

The NWA-3500 access point provides businesses with the means to create a mobile work environment freeing staff from their desks. With two built-in radios, the device is capable of running two Wi-Fi networks simultaneously, while also being used as a dedicated bridge that can be set on a different channel to reduce interference. The access point is capable of running 802.11a (5 GHz), b (2.4 GHz) or g wireless networks to enable wireless access to the company network. The NWA-3500 can also be used as a bridge to help extend additional access points to other locations without the need to run wires.

The NWA-3500 uses the latest WPA2 security and also includes a built in RADIUS server, ensuring a more secure working environment by authenticating users each and every time they access the wireless network in addition to their standard network login, preventing unauthorised access to the WLAN. The dual-band NWA-3100 and NWA-3500 utilise power-over-ethernet, allowing access points to receive power via the same cable used for voice and data networks ensuring easy and low-cost installation. Businesses with both public and private access can programme multiple profiles to keep their network traffic separate. The NWA 3000 series has two pre-defined profiles (VoIP and Guest) to ensure that guests on the company network do not disrupt important network traffic. The devices also includes Auto Traffic Classifier (ATC) a QoS enhancement that Zyxel developed to run alongside WMM that ensures a far better quality of service (QoS) for VoIP than other standards available.

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