Zyxel Launches Dedicated ISP Partner Programme

Zyxel has today announced the launch of its dedicated ISP programme saying it is one of only a few available programmes for ISPs from a networking vendor to specifically address the needs of the ISP market. Zyxel offers a range of QoS (Quality of Service) products and solutions for ISPs and the next step in supporting these ISP partners was to deliver a programme that is tailored to their specific needs. The programme is aimed at ensuring that Zyxel can grow and strengthen its ISP relationships by delivering specialised training, technical support, as well as marketing and sales tools.

“Zyxel has a long history of working with ISPs, as the leading broadband access specialist worldwide, and wanted to formalise this relationship so that we could help our partners grow their revenues and provide them with information and evaluation kit specific to their needs. The response to the programme has been overwhelming,” said Lee Marsden, Head of Channel Sales, Zyxel. “Within the first week, we registered over 10 ZyAuthorised ISPs. We aim to ensure that all our current partners register and hope to work with new ISPs who recognise the benefit of a targeted programme such as this.”

The ZyISP programme has a two-tier structure, providing different benefits according to the needs of the ISPs and programme requirements that they met. ZyISP Certified partners receive targeted newsletters, and access to the ZySpace portal, through which they can download product information, and be kept up to date with the latest news from Zyxel. ZyISP Certified partners can also access marketing collateral and will benefit from technical support. ZyISP Authorised partners receive all of these benefits, but have the added advantage of being able to beta test new products, receive onsite training, dedicated support from an assigned technical engineer and receive 15% discount on demonstration equipment.

“Zyxel is one of the few vendors which understands that ISPs have different needs to other channel partners, and this programme will significantly aid our growth,” said Kevin Savage, managing director of Namesco, one of the first partners to sign up to the ZyISP programme.

“The consolidation of our existing partnership with Zyxel will ensure that we can capitalise on all of the benefits of their expanding portfolio, and we welcome the detailed product information, training and discounts customised to our needs as an ISP. The programme has made Zyxel even easier to deal with and shows that it understands the individual needs of different types of partners. ”

The programme will not only formalise and focus relationships between Zyxel and ISP partners, but also offers partner training on the company’s product range, which takes a sales and solutions focused approach, rather than purely looking at the technical aspects of products, in order to help with making sales. The requirements for training are very different for ISP partners because of the nature of their product focuses and their customer models and the new programme is designed to take this into account.

Aiding the education process is the ZyNEWS newsletter, which will communicate product and business news from Zyxel regularly to partners.

They will also receive ZyTECH news keeping partners up-to-date with technical upgrades and breakthroughs being made by the Zyxel technicians around the world.

“Tailoring our portal sites, such as ZySPACE, specifically to ISP partners is key,” continued Marsden. “ISPs have unique requirements, and because of this we decided to target them with a specific programme, aiming content and features at their specific needs, so for instance, we recognised that demonstration and evaluation kit has to be a key element of any ISP programme. The formal partnerships will benefit both sides’ businesses, as well as aiding them in increasing their margins through new and existing products and strategies.”

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