Zyxel Makes Remote Working Easier and More Secure

Zyxel Communications has announced the forthcoming launch of two products: its first SSL VPN device, the SSL-10, and its new wireless firewall with 3G/HSPDA support, the ZyWALL 2WG.

The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) virtual private network (VPN) device allows up to ten workers to connect to the office network remotely at any one time (upgradeable to 25 concurrent sessions) without the need to install dedicated software on their PC. The ZyWALL 2WG provides small businesses and branch office users with both robust security and backup connectivity should their primary WAN connection fail. This further enhances the ZyWALL product range of firewall devices for business of all sizes and needs.

“The burgeoning number of remote workers is pushing SMBs to provide the same level of access to systems and data as those in the office already experience,” said James Walker, product manager, ZyXEL. “Until recently, handling this challenge securely and cost effectively was simply impossible. These two new products provide SMBs with a means of delivering secure remote access to core business applications without breaking the bank for both remote workers and branch offices.”

The ZyWALL SSL-10 is a remote access appliance, which sits inside the company network and allows up to ten remote users to connect to the business network at any one time. This can be upgraded to support 25 concurrent sessions and depending on usage can support companies up to about 150 users. The device uses the SSL protocol to secure the VPN, which means that mobile workers do not need to install dedicated software on their computers – they can simply use their web-browser. The SSL-10 device is easy to set up and workers can even access the company network from hotspots and cybercafés, freeing them from the office.

The SSL-10 is compatible with two-factor authentication, which requires both a password and a token to log into the network in order to control the authentication and access to the company network when it is being accessed via a public connection.

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