ZyXEL Target SMB with Portfolio Extension

ZyXEL Communications has announced the launch of its new MS7206 modular switch. The switch is capable of handling much larger volumes of network traffic than previous ZyXEL equipment and extends ZyXEL’s product portfolio into the high end of the SMB market. The switch is aimed at helping resellers expand their offerings and sell into larger organisations, such as moving from small schools to entire campus deployments.

“Volumes of network traffic have increased sharply over the last few years and this trend shows no sign of relenting,” said Jon Pearce, product manager, ZyXEL “Although it can be a challenge for resellers to keep up the pace, they also have the chance to make significant margins – more traffic inevitably means more equipment, more services and more support. Resellers can now offer a complete portfolio of ZyXEL products in larger environments than was previously possible. For example, ZyXEL resellers could previously serve small schools and can now carry out implementations in large schools, campus networks and universities, allowing them to sell to larger markets and make more margin.”

With many companies looking to implement converged technologies such as voice and video, the MS7206 enables resellers to confidently supply these solutions with a reliable, robust and secure switching architecture. New and existing ZyXEL resellers can now offer a complete portfolio of ZyXEL products, making more margin whilst still offering equipment and suppliers with which they are already familiar, simplifying the support and implementation procedure.

“Many resellers are still only just dipping their toes into the waters of the convergence market,” continued Pearce. “Customers are often worried that their networks will not be able to handle the combined weight of their voice, video and data traffic. With ZyXEL’s solid experience in voice and data, resellers can be confident that they will be able to provide the best quality of service arrangements possible and comfortably handle both current and future communications.”

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