The road to full fibre


September: Gigabit Britain – The Road to Full Fibre

The UK is at an inflection point with its fibre roll out strategy. The political landscape has settled (for now) and the mission is clear: we need to enable our businesses in the UK to compete with the best of the best. As the investments continue to pour into the UK fibre market the competition will inevitably continue to rise, but what should partners be aware of over the coming years?

In this guide to Gigabit Britain we will look to discuss a number of digital opportunities the Channel can get hold of to safeguard their customer’s futures, including the below:

What is Gigabit Britain and how will it impact the Channel?
Fibre is literally everywhere, but is it enough? Here we will look at the new options coming to market and how they stack up against the existing bundles.

The Journey
How can partners take their customers on transformation journeys rather that just sell them products?

FTTP: the ONLY answer to Gigabit Britain?
We have seen new types of superfast connectivity come to market over the last few years, will FTTP supersede all of this or will it be complementary? Where else are we likely to see investment when it comes to superfast technology?

Over the last couple of years it would seem everyone has ‘developed’ an SD-WAN proposition, networks are becoming software defined as a matter of course, but what does this mean for a Channel looking to differentiate?

Smart Business, the role of IoT in business
Sensors, connectivity, apps, how can the Channel facilitate smart business in 2022? Is this an opportunity ready to flourish or just something that will shackle you to a customer for too long for too little? In this feature we will look at those businesses utilising smart technology to get ahead.

5G – the answer to fixed line woes or have we heard it all before?
We are just a short time away from the launch of the 5G network and, as usual, the hype machine is working overtime. What could this technology do to the connectivity landscape?

Channel skills – are you equipped for Gigabit Britain?
With digital economies comes the need for digital skills. How can partners equip themselves accordingly and does the answer lie within partner ecosystems?


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