Adjusting to the new way of working

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Anthony Moorby, number manager sales specialist at Invosys, explains resellers can enhance the features within Microsoft Teams to help their customers operate more effectively.

As we all begin to adjust to our new way of living, customers around the world are adjusting to the new way of working. No matter what the profession of your customers, communication is the main staple for a business’ growth, exposure, and income and with hybrid and homeworking here to stay, it is the resellers job to ensure your customer is up to date with the most efficient communication technologies.

In essence, IT providers are beginning to ‘steal’ your customers as in these unprecedented times, everyone is looking for the cheapest and most functional way to communicate. Day by day, it is becoming increasingly clear that platforms such as Microsoft, are the effortless option for business’ communication. Not only do they offer the full telephony of the basic phone system, but there are many additional functionalities for the user’s ease including: chat functions, document storage and online conferencing. Many businesses have gone as far as authorization account Federation, meaning they are able to seamlessly link to suppliers, key partners and even their clients.

With this in mind, over the coming months if not already, telecommunication resellers will indisputably see a decline in call revenue and ultimately lose customers. This is as the realisation of the fact that businesses have less need for a generic phone system begins to sink in. It is vital for all resellers in the telecommunications market to stay ahead of the curve, and offer their customers services in keeping with the current climate.

Don’t lose your customers to an application

At Invosys, we are here to give resellers a helping hand and ensure despite the inevitable market changes, you are offering the latest and greatest products and services to your customers. With Microsoft Teams taking the telecommunications market by storm, it is a platform everyone wants to get their business associated with but it is clear that not everyone is aware of the right packages for them. It goes without saying that the majority of IT resellers sell the prefabricated MS Teams product at the same recommended retail price, but here at Invosys we can help you offer more.

By reselling with Invosys, you can enhance your customers direct routing with MS Teams. Using the advanced features of our award winning, in-house engineered portal, Number Manager, your customers will be able to route calls to and from Microsoft Teams simply and effectively. We provide a PSTN solution to your customers’ Microsoft Teams organisation enabling your customers to have a sophisticated but simple to use phone system in minutes. By offering your customers our Direct Routing solution, you are allowing them to synchronise their Teams users to be used as destinations within any of their Number Manager services. We enable calls to be sent to existing Microsoft Resource Accounts. This gives your customers’ complete control of their call flows and all the other unique features Number Manager provides, whilst adding to what they already know and use within the Teams environment.

Beat the market and be the first to offer more to your customers by choosing Invosys, we are passionate about delivering innovative solutions to our resellers so they can ensure their customers can operate more effectively. Invosys have been offering feature-rich inbound and outbound telephony solutions for many years, so we are experts at moving with the market trends, so integrating with the marketing leading telecommunications product was a decision in which required little questioning. Number Manager’s features truly enhance the services already standing with Microsoft Teams, and we want your customers to feel difference by routing with Invosys. Just to name a few of the features which this product alliance offers:

  • Call flexibility- Maintain control of which number is presented on outbound calls by choosing any number from your account
  • Auto import - Synchronise with your MS Teams users at the click of a button so they can be used as destinations in your service
  • Integration - Fully integrated into Number Manager so Teams destinations benefit from the full range of Number Manager inbound and outbound features
  • Dynamic Teams - Blend MS Teams user destinations with other targets such as mobile, hosted devices or SIP destinations for a fully diverse virtual team
  • Porting supported - Bring your own number ranges with you to ensure consistency with your current phone solution. You can even present your numbers pre-port easily
  • Secure call recording - Record your inbound and outbound calls to Teams destinations and either playback on our secure portal or sent to you for in-house management

At Invosys we truly believe that by merging our world renown Number Manager platform with sought after Microsoft Teams platform, we can offer your customers a product which is utterly distinctive and like no other.

Don’t lose your customers to IT resellers, stay ahead of the market and get in touch for more information on our idiosyncratic take on this product today.