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Our ambition at Comms Business is to be the voice of the UK Channel, so we want to make clear how everyone can contribute to our magazine.

The most straightforward way to get involved editorially is of course through press releases, so if you have news to share – let us know. We also have a few interviews in each issue, and these are set up based on an overview of topics the person might discuss, and some background on why that matters to the Channel. Sometimes these are set up off of the back of a press release if it looks like there’s more behind the story!

We are also always keen to receive input into our features – this page is updated monthly with what we’re looking for. In addition, we accept opinion pieces from time to time, and similarly these are based on an overview of who the expert is, what they might discuss, and why this matters. We appreciate that channel companies do not have the same resources as large vendors, so we’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have.

We can’t publish unsupported information unless it is clearly an opinion, such as within a quote or a broader opinion piece. A news story centered on business results, for example, will need to provide some data. As there are various reasons why a company might choose to not share hard numbers these could, for example, be percentage increases – just something that will add some context to the story.

If you’re sharing written content, we just ask that it is written to sound like something a human would say. This is of course subjective, but a good guide is to cut down overly long sentences, remove unnecessary jargon, and keep buzzwords to a minimum.

As we report on the Channel in the UK and Ireland, the story also needs to be relevant to our market. Case studies from elsewhere in the world can be useful for features, but they are unlikely to be covered in our news stories.

If you’re approaching us on behalf of a vendor at the start of a relationship with the Channel, please do include details on how you’ll be working with channel companies. General technology stories don’t work for our readers as we need to understand what this means for resellers, managed services providers and other channel companies.

Do get in touch with us – we want to hear from you!

Charlotte Hathway
07876 407173