Connecting Gigabit Britain

A Comms Business supplement

Gigabit Britain is taking shape, with full fibre and 5G networks being built at pace across the nations. Our Connecting Gigabit Britain supplement will examine the progress made in widening the footprint of these next generation networks, with a particular focus on moving from building networks to connecting to them.
We will explore the opportunities the Channel has as it connects businesses and organisations to Gigabit Britain, as well as reflecting on how the government is supporting this transition (such as through Project Gigabit). Detailed topic outlines can be found below.
We will be including articles around these themes and are looking to written responses to the outlined questions. These questions are just a starting point, and we are also keen to receive expert commentary on areas that are relevant but have not been directly covered by these initial questions.
In addition, we will consider opinion pieces of 800 words. The copy must be exclusive to Comms Business, and we ask that you share a short synopsis before drafting to ensure it will be something we can include in the supplement.

The submission deadline is Friday 26th July 2024.

All submissions should be sent to with the subject line ‘Connecting Gigabit Britain’.

ARTICLE ONE: Gigabit Britain foundations
This article will discuss the progress made in heading towards a gigabit future. We will dive into the UK’s connectivity ambitions, the milestones that have been reached, and how the channel will have an impact.
We will ask:

• What can we expect in Gigabit Britain?
• What progress has been made in building the next generation networks that will power Gigabit Britain?
• Are the ambitions set out in Project Gigabit coming to fruition? Are there any gaps that need to be addressed?
• Do you expect satellite broadband to play a role in meeting the UK’s connectivity ambitions?

ARTICLE TWO: From building to connecting
This article will examine the gear change from building networks, to connecting businesses and customers to them. We are interested in the role the Channel can play in helping make this jump.
• What role can the Channel play in helping businesses and organisations adopt FTTP and/or 5G?
• What does pace do companies need to hit in getting connections made?
• How can businesses across the UK be pulled towards FTTP and 4G/5G, so they don’t feel they’re being pushed towards upgrades they don’t want?
• How can channel companies help manage these transitions for their customers?

ARTICLE THREE: New possibilities
The move towards widescale access to new generations of connectivity opens the door to new possibilities for businesses and organisations across the UK. This article will explore the opportunities that are opening up for service providers.

We will ask:
• What does the era of FTTP and 5G mean for businesses?
• What new possibilities are presented by improved connectivity?
o What does that mean for the offerings channel companies can offer their customers?
• What use cases do you expect to emerge as businesses move onto FTTP and/or 5G networks?

ARTICLE FOUR: Navigating upgrade options
This article will discuss the options available to businesses and organisations as they prepare for an all-IP future.
We will ask:
• What solutions have reached the end of their lifecycle?
• What alternative options are available?
• How can channel companies help their customers identify the best solutions for their needs?
• How can businesses and organisations be encouraged to make the switch sooner rather than later?

ARTICLE FIVE: Powerful hardware
As we move to new a generation of connectivity, the spotlight is being put on the hardware that can unlock the full benefits of this improved infrastructure.
We will ask:
• What new hardware do you expect businesses across the UK to invest in as they adopt FTTP and 5G?
• What benefits can be delivered by this new equipment?
• What can be done with old equipment that is no longer required?

ARTICLE SIX: Moving forward
This article will explore what lies ahead on the road to Gigabit Britain.
We will ask:
• What can we expect as this new era of connectivity takes shape?
• What might you want to see from a new government to reach the ambitions of Project Gigabit?
• What is the future of connectivity? Fixed-first, mobile-first, something in between… or something else entirely?
• What is your company most excited about in the next 12 months?


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