Anglia rebrands as Redstone Mobile

1 min read Networks & Network Services

Anglia Telecom Centres Ltd is to be renamed Redstone Mobile. The Suffolk based distributor was bought by Redstone plc last year.

Said Redstone Mobile MD Dave McGinn: “There’s a lot of history and reputation that has been rightfully earned by Anglia Telecom over its many years in the industry. And we’re simply now badging everything we’ve worked and strived for with a different name, or to put it another way, just changing our clothes.

“Some people will obviously miss the Anglia Telecom name, but we’re viewing this as becoming part of something much bigger and better, something which will benefit our dealers, both in the short and the long term.” McGinn promised to continue running “those legendary incentive programs” and points out that Redstone Mobile will now be able to offer business desktop for PC, fixed line, VoIP, IP, networks / converged solutions and storage area networks – the full product set.

“We’re not aware of anybody else in the independent dealer channel that can offer the product and service portfolio that we now can,” he said.

One of the last appearances of the Anglia Telecom sales team under its old name was at a two-day internal training session that made it the first in the industry to complete O2’s Mobilisation Training Programme. The Programme significantly upgrades skill and knowledge levels, enabling partners to sell O2’s data solutions confidently.

MD McGinn said “We wanted to ensure all our relevant ‘touch points’ are totally up to speed and data conversant. After all, would you really go to a dentist that wasn’t qualified? So why go to a distributor for data that hasn’t completed an accredited training programme?

“Dealers really now have to look for other revenue streams other than voice, and data is just the first message that the networks are pushing.”