Arty Farty Nokia

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Nokia have announced that they are working with noted Finnish artist Björn Weckström to offer a customized, limited edition Nokia N76 multimedia computer.
Inspired by natural forms made when the wind, together with the high tide broke up the ice along the Finnish sea shore; the miniature sculpture relief, hand-crafted by leading Finnish art jewelry house Lapponia Jewelry is permanently attached to the back of the Nokia N76. Other pieces will be sold as handset jewelry and can be attached to devices already purchased.

The N76 Signature Edition by Björn Weckström has a special user interface inspired by his art.
"Working with the physical limitations of the Nokia N76 made the work both inspiring and challenging." said Mr. Weckström, adding  "In my opinion it is fantastic that Nokia is the first handset manufacturer combining visual arts into an industrial design object."
"The ways that Mr. Weckström was able to add to the already outstanding design of the product says a lot of his talent." said Anssi Vanjoki, executive vice-president and general manager, Multimedia, Nokia. He continued, "We are delighted that we were able to collaborate with one of Finland's most treasured artists on this project, and we are even more thrilled that we are able to display some of the more prominent pieces from Mr. Weckström's collection that have not been displayed in 25 years in our Helsinki Flagship store. "