AwayPhone Signs Dextra

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International mobile operator AwayPhone has signed a distributor agreement with Dextra Solutions.  The move is a key step in AwayPhone's partner distribution strategy as it expands its sales channels to meet the growing demand for its service.
AwayPhone is a popular new phone service for global travellers. Acting as a mobile operator when users are abroad, AwayPhone was launched to provide international services denied by the major telecoms operators.

AwayPhone goes beyond recent legal caps on EU call charges, to save people up to 90 percent on phone costs through clever routing of calls that avoid high roaming tariffs. It also provides a local number in the country visited to assist with building relationships in the region. Calls to usual fixed and mobile numbers are seamlessly diverted to the AwayPhone handset so regular contacts do not need to change their dialling information. The product is especially popular with business customers or busy leisure travellers.

"International SIM agreements, sold separately to a user's regular phone contract, represent a great add-on market opportunity for mobile resellers because they can be sold at any time on top of existing contracts," said Angie Simpson, Sales Director for Dextra Solutions, “AwayPhone’s offering is unique and fits easily into our reseller channel.”

"While roaming costs are creeping down in Europe, the reality for any global traveller is complex tariffs and a patchwork of rip-off destinations," adds Sherry Madera, CEO of AwayPhone. "Customers use AwayPhone as their operator abroad because we can route mobile calls more cheaply than normal operators. We also add really useful features such as local country numbers, re-routing of your home mobile and landlines, plus a single catch-all voicemail. It's a great opportunity for dealers to offer something new to their travelling customers."

AwayPhone is rapidly growing sales channels and Dextra is a key partner in the UK. Further deals with distributors and resellers, who are in an ideal position to advise their clients on how to make the most of their mobiles, will ensure end-users benefit from the unique AwayPhone service without having to unravel existing mobile supplier contracts.  

The product is sold as a SIM-only contract solution and can be bundled with any unlocked handset. The service is available in 78 countries. Customers pay a monthly subscription fee of £5.99 per month plus call charges, following a one-off £24.99 SIM card registration. Single trip membership is available from £9.99. Customers normally find the sign-up costs are easily recouped through call charge savings on their first trip.

The European Union competition commission has ruled that maximum roaming costs will be capped this summer. However, it is widely expected that roaming prices while outside the EU will stay high or get higher.

"Another opportunity exists to target inbound customers," adds Madera. "Visitors who are not EU residents cannot benefit from the new capped roaming rates. They're locked out and need something else. Right now they buy pay as you go SIMs which sting them when ringing home or another country. Our product is great value in comparison."