Break the barriers...

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Research into the buying habits of British music fans indicates that a number of barriers need to be overcome before the mobile phone can begin to compete with the iPod as a serious music playing device. 

Specialist consumer digital music research firm The Leading Question surveyed more than 600 consumers. Just 8% said they planned to purchase a music playing mobile phone in the next 12 months, compared to 33% who said they planned to buy an iPod or dedicated MP3 player.

And music-playing ranked below cameras, organiser functions and video in terms of preferred features on mobile phones.

Issues as fundamental as battery life are at the top of consumers’ list of worries.  They also fear potentially losing their music collection if they lose or break their phone.  And the fact that many consumers tend to receive their mobiles ‘free’ as part of a contract deal and replace them regularly also leads them to have a low emotional attachment to their phones