Calling All Indies in Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland

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The team behind the new on-line directory service for independent retailers has issued a rallying cry to the mobile phone shops of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
indie-guides.co.uk was launched in May to encourage consumers to buy from independent, local suppliers rather than the big multiples.

However, Managing Director Steve Wickens reports that while there has been a surge of sign-ups for the free 90-day trial membership from mobile retailers in England, the numbers are relatively low in the principalities.

Steve says: “The cause of independence is felt keenly in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and we believe the indie-guides philosophy dovetails well with that. We target consumers who appreciate the value of buying locally, from independents.”

indie-guides.co.uk works on the principle of a virtual network. Every dealer that joins helps to lever the indie-guides directory to the top of the online search listings, improving visibility on the web for all members and, most importantly, giving independents prominence when enquirers search for mobile retailers in a particular area.

Steve adds: “As a champion of independence and the ‘buy local’ philosophy, we believe that indie-guides offers an ideal platform for mobile retailers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

“It is a simple concept designed to be an inexpensive yet effective way of helping independent businesses prosper against the tide of corporate competition.”

Members are given space for a 200 word ‘editorial’, up to two images, contact details including website and email hyperlinks, plus the chance to add keywords to make the most of the indie-guides search facility.

“Indie-guides is dedicated to boosting business for independent retailers. Membership costs much less than newspaper or radio advertising yet it will increase traffic to your website and generate email and telephone enquiries from genuinely interested prospects.

For further details log onto www.indie-guides.co.uk