Contact centre transformation

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Mike Butts, senior solutions marketing manager for customer experience, Avaya, outlines CCaaS use cases for contact centre transformation.

Improving the quality of experiences throughout the customer and employee journey is among the most important differentiators and creators of brand affinity for businesses today. The question most businesses face is how they can keep pace, while delivering unforgettably positive experiences. Below are use cases that illustrate how CCaaS can help businesses transform their contact centres to improve the total experience for customers and employees.

Use case 1: the crisis support contact centre

When a crisis support centre needs to be set-up, CCaaS based on an open cloud-based communication platform built on a composable platform, lets organisations build what they need with speed. To avoid a backlog due to a sudden increase in calls or callers giving-up because they can’t get through, easy-to-design IVR workflows can route calls into three groups such as disaster assistance, making donations, and donation information. Using intelligent routing, calls can be split into two queues of call-taking volunteers: those who can run dispatch and others who can handle donations.

In this scenario, the solution can scale as needed with the speed, agility, and flexibility required to manage sudden increases in demand, no matter how big; it connects people with the resources they need and tailors communications to the individual user, their context, and the touchpoints they choose, and it has the ability to streamline, automate, and track processes and progress.

Case study 1: Nebraska Medicine

A great example of a solution deployed on the fly, is Nebraska Medicine, which used Avaya OneCloud CPaaS to quickly deploy a smart, cloud-based conversational platform that allowed them to handle a 250% increase in call volume at the peak of COVID-19 while moving 90% of its employees offsite.

Use case 2: the AI-infused contact centre

Picture a customer booking an appointment to view a motorbike for a test drive. It starts with them being routed through an effortless, automated, AI-powered journey as an intelligent chatbot handles the initial enquiry. Then, the conversation – with full contextual information – is transitioned to the best-matched employee, who is empowered to interface directly with the motorbike dealer, arrange a test drive, and push out a satisfaction survey at the end of the interaction.

In this scenario, benefits include the automation of the customer ID process, intent detection, and booking. AI-enhanced workflows, integrated into the customer journey, ensure the best employee is matched to the interaction, and that the interaction is intelligent and powered by deep customer knowledge, including insights from the voice of the customer, which can be captured.

Case study 2: transcosmos

Japan-based business process outsourcing giant, transcosmos, which has a presence in 30 countries and regions, is piloting the use of an AI-infused CCaaS platform to deliver effortless customer experiences on behalf of its clients. It anticipates new levels of self-service to both improve the customer experience and increase employee productivity.

Clients already leveraging the solution are taking advantage of advanced virtual agents, which deliver intuitive and natural conversational interactions, with no employee intervention required, across any touchpoint. These self-service options help transcosmos’ contact centres improve response times and reduce call volumes. The CCaaS solution also aids employees by providing them with in-the-moment, contextual knowledge on live customer conversations. This helps lighten the burden on customers, who are no longer required to repeat their issues, while enabling employees to start an interaction already aware of the details involved, allowing them resolve enquiries faster.

Here you can see inside our cloud-powered contact centre to explore the desktop, service capabilities, analytics and more that can help you deliver a total experience for both employees and customers.