CSR Buys into GPS for $1 Chip

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CSR, the Cambridge-based Bluetooth chip specialist, is buying its way into the GPS chip market. It has spent $35m to acquire Cambridge Positioning Systems Ltd and another $40m for the Swedish company NordNav (with an extra performance-related tranche of up to $35m over the next three years).
NordNav has a world-class software based GPS solution. CSR will combine this with CPS’s specialised location system technology and expects to offer its first GPS products during the first half of 2007 – promising “significant performance benefits over traditional standalone GPS offerings” including the ability to work indoors and in built-up urban areas.

CSR’s aim is to provide GPS capability for an incremental price that falls to less than $1 of the overall bill of materials when used with its Bluetooth chip.

John Scarisbrick, CEO of CSR commented: “CSR’s customers are enthusiastic for GPS at this much lower price point and I am confident that we will see a significant increase in mobile handset attach rates for GPS and location based services”.