Global mobile push email for free

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emoze has launched what it describes as the world’s first free global service for push email that needs no server-side software.

The point is that mobile push email and data synchronisation no longer requires the presence of an always-on PC.

When downloading the free emoze client from www.emoze.com, users are given a choice of using their own PC or the emoze server as their means of connection. If the user chooses the central server, they will have to install the emoze mobile client and will then be prompted to provide their Outlook Web Access credentials.

Subsequently the user will be able to access emails and calendars, tasks and contacts directly from the user's email program and via their mobile device. There is no duplication or storage of any data.

Future upgrades will handle connections to Gmail, Yahoo! mail and other popular email services.

"Our mission is to help democratize the use of mobile email and synchronization services for themass market, so that everyone has full access to their corporate email account as well as internet accounts," said Benny Ballin, emoze CEO. "This new option is suited for everyone – including corporate employees and laptop owners – giving the mass market the opportunity of living a Fortune 500 company lifestyle using a regular, supported mobile device."