Go hands-free

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More than two men in five break the law by holding a mobile phone while driving.

In research commissioned by The Carphone Warehouse from YouGov, 43% of men and 26% of women admit to holding a mobile when at the wheel. 
To put this in context, a forthcoming update to the Road Safety Bill will soon see an increase in the penalty for driving and holding a mobile phone. Offenders will face three points being added to their license as well as doubling the on-the-spot fine to £60. Those photographed by a speed camera holding their mobile phone will receive six points, putting nearly 5m drivers at the risk of losing their license.

The Transport Research Laboratory recently reported an unexpected rise of more than 50% in the number of motorists flouting the law in the last 18 months.
Carphone Warehouse’s interest is of course in selling more hands-free kits – “Our message is simple: Hang-up or go hands free,” said Andrew Harrison, Carphone Warehouse CEO. His company is currently discounting all in-car items (including hands-free kits) by 20%, “offering people the best chance in changing their habits”.