IMPDA - Overwhelming Ofcom

2 min read Networks & Network Services
Dealers all over the country are calling in eager to go to the meeting with MP’s and Ofcom the regulator for the industry.  After being given the chance to talk direct to the regulator, the response has been overwhelming.
Shop owners, Online businesses and call centre operations have all voiced a willingness to attend, however all places are now filled for the meeting, so it looks like the dealers will have a lot to say and suggest to the regulator.

We are still very surprised that O2 have not yet released their dealers to sell the Iphone before Christmas, we had hoped that Ebenezer O2 would have given dealers some Christmas cheer, but no as usual crumbs. Perhaps the new CEO Ronan Dunne will play father Christmas and change their mind in time.  With reports of the sales of the now famous iphone slowing, especially because of the high handset cost and the miserable tariff, then O2 has indeed lost out.  This is what you get when you don’t involve all your dealers.  Perhaps O2 have learnt the lesson and will remember for the future, before trying to be cocky and doing it themselves or just with CPW.

Rumours abound with regard to Orange, and the thought that the current animal plans will go in place will be new ones.  Now the question is of course what names will these be. Cheetah (for those with a need for speed) Blackbird (for those with large amounts of texts) What names can you think up for their replacement and why?  Better still why not post a reply here and tell us.

One thing of note is the apparent report of Orange desperate to get their numbers up giving away a PSP games consol, the question we would ask is what can you give the dealers to give away which would help you do that, or have you forgotten them as an additional resource.  As one Orange store person said he had increased sales by 20% because of it, just think what other dealers could get for you.

A big gripe amongst many dealers is POS material, Ok networks where is it!!  Where is the Christmas offers, the posters – answer nowhere in site.  Again nothing from 3 looks like everyone will see it around 28th December the questions is why are the networks then wasting their money.  What is the point of printing these if we don’t get them before the need of the month that they are supposed to before?  If you are going to throw money away like this then why not add an extra £10 to the tariff commissions instead.

If you are a dealer and want information, support, and would like your point of view put over then why not join the IMPDA by going to www.impda.co.uk or you can join the phone dealer forum at www.phonedealerforum.co.uk  The impda does not cost anything to join. Please note this is for dealers/distributors only if you are a service company supplying dealers with consultancy etc then you will not be accepted.