iPhone Made Better by 3rd Parties

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Despite Apple's reluctance to let other people play with its new toy, new apps and functions have been popping up for the iPhone, making it the phone it should have been.

Ever since the Apple iPhone was released it has been (rightfully) criticized for the lack of video recording capabilities. Or so it was until today as a third-party solution seems to be just around the corner.

The guy from Monster and Friends has just posted a working beta of an application that can actually create videos using the iPhone's camera. What is even more exiting than that is the fact that the videos are captured at 2 megapixel resolution.

Watch the video of the video here.

As of now however the framerate is quite low achieving the miserly 10 fps but this is no surprise as at this stage the application is more proof of concept than something really useful. The author however promises that even videos of 40-45 fps could actually be captured with next versions.


Seems like the iPhone will benefit from an external GPS module somewhere around February. A GPS device to go with the preinstalled Google maps application is already in the works with a real prototype already available.

You can have a looksy at the device and how it works along with its custom application. In order to put the device into use you do have to have your iPhone jailbroken so that you can install the third party application that gets the GPS coordinates to Gmaps. You can learn more about jailbreaking and third-party applications in our dedicated article.

The GPS receiver module is produced by Part Foundry and is based on the SirfStar III chipset. Expected retail price is USD 89, which sounds like a good bargain.

Hopefully these kind of things might get Apple to pull their collective fingers out and release an iPhone v2 with the features it always should have had.