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The Korean head of LG’s mobile phone business has expressed the company’s intentions that “the Chocolate phone is part of our strategy to build LG into customers’ top choice among premium mobile brands”.
In practice that means white and gold versions of the existing black KG800, with pink and ‘platinum’ also having been seen in Asia; and a second ‘Black Label’ offering, the KG810. (‘Black Label’ phones aren’t necessarily black – the name just signifies ‘premium brand’ and cross-territory sales.)
So KG810 comes in the same black as the KG800, but with a gold band around the edge. It’s a flip phone but shares the pioneering touch-sensitive touch keys which light up in a red glow when activated.
Otherwise it’s the spec as before – music player, A2DP Bluetooth for wireless stereo headsets, 128MB memory, 1.3mp camera – with the addition of an FM radio. It is also ‘drag and drop’ USB compatible, making music transfer quick and hassle free.
According to an unbiased observer – John Barton, Sales and Marketing Director at LG Mobile – “”This is the best looking folding handset on the market. It’s thin enough to slip into a pair of jeans, yet feels solid and luxurious when in use. “
We hear there will be a 3G version shortly, with a 2mp camera and exclusive to 3. In the meantime the KG800 looks like a runaway success. LG has reported worldwide sales of over 3m units four months after its global launch. The brand will be continued: a 3G version with 2mp camera and microSD memory card will appear next year.
“There’s ‘Before Chocolate’ and ‘After Chocolate,’ Dominique Oh, vice president for LG’s European mobile phone business, said in an interview. “‘Before Chocolate’ LG was seen as an affordable brand. With the product we increased our brand awareness quickly and it gave us confidence to go to operators and position a GSM phone in the high tier.”

A bit of Chocolate, a bit of bling, a lot of flip – the LG KG810