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Jo love
Mainline Digital Communications

I have worked with Jo for a couple of years;...

she is always proactive on any communication, and her knowledge of systems and processes at Orange allows Geko to have a commercial advantage over other dealers ...

Dave Carter,
Geko Direct

Q  What was your first paid employment?
What did you spend your first pay-packet on? I got a job washing up at a local restaurant when I was 13. Shows my age but I bought a Depeche Mode single, back in the days of vinyl!

Q  How long have you worked for Mainline?
Two years. I got the position by brute force and ignorance ...

Q  What is the best aspect of your job?
Payday is always nice.

Q  And what is the worst?
Speeding fines.

Q  What will you do next?
And what’s your ultimate ambition? To move Down Under, get a job stacking shelves in a supermarket, learn how to surf without getting wet hair, and avoid snakes and spiders.

Q  Suggest a sales incentive that would work for you. One where sales people earn points for prizes, based on personal performance – the more effort/results the better the prize. Why?
Because it rewards the strongest whilst encouraging the individual to aim higher.

Q  And what’s the best sales incentive you’ve won so far?
Best incentive was a trip to Capri last year with Mainline. My ideal incentive would be to follow the Lions rugby squad on a tour of Australia and New Zealand – and to get to touch the players.

Q  Your home is on fire and you can rescue only one thing. What is it?
My kids are old enough to save themselves, so I’d probably want to rescue my Dirty Dancing DVD.

Q  What’s the first record or CD you bought?
After Depeche Mode I had a monster crush on Nick Kershaw, but I only listen to this now on the many 80s compilation CDs I’ve accumulated to relive my youth.

Q  What’s the last music you bought?
The Kooks. Especially ‘She moves in her own way’, because I do!

Q  If you could change anything about the mobile industry and your role in it, what would it be and why?
If I was being sensible I’d say quarterly pricing etc.

Q  Cats or dogs?

Q  Nokia or Motorola?

Q  If you were a mobile phone, which would you be and why?
An SPV, because I’m only available on Orange and can sometimes be difficult.

Q  You’re designing a mobile handset for the future. What functions would it have and why?
Speed detector, speed camera warning device and any other device that will stop me getting caught for speeding.

Q  What ringtone do you currently use?
The Godfather theme tune – “I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse” ...

Q  Who inspires you and why?
Colin Farrell, ‘cause he’s fit and I’d like to stroke him.

Q  What do you think about being awarded DM of the month?
About time!


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