Mainline gets heavy with distance-sellers

1 min read Networks & Network Services
Orange distributor Mainline has served 28-days notice on three dealers who operate outbound call centres for failing to comply with the network’s procedures on distance selling.
“There are several dealers who are dragging their heels and whose business with Orange and with Mainline is at risk as a result,” said Mainline head of marketing Gail Hollinshead. “We hope they will use the 28-day notice period to work more closely with us and give themselves the best possible chance of retaining their distance selling business.”
The move follows Mainline’s instigation of an ongoing compliance programme, designed to help dealers build their businesses and safeguard customers, minimise complaints and protect the interests of Orange.
The network’s guidelines include the use of an approved script, voice recording of all calls and the ready availability of a customer service number. Mainline has drafted telephone and text messaging scripts that have been approved by Orange and which can be tailored by dealers.
The distributor also holds copies of two sample voice recordings on file from each dealer – one of a successful connection and one of sale that resulted in a disconnection. These calls are analysed and Mainline provides guidance on how to maximise the former and minimise the latter.
“Orange has drawn up a number of criteria that dealers should follow when engaged in this kind of sales activity. Our programme entails collating information from our dealers on their current level of compliance and then helping them to achieve full compliance,” said Hollinshead.
The move comes on the heels of Data Select cutting ties with a handful of distance resellers after a clawback from 3 for fraud and bad connections.