Though the PC remains the dominant platform to access the internet globally, internet access via the mobile phone actually outpaces wireless access from a notebook PC in some areas of the world – a
statistic driven largely by the massive install base of mobile phones throughout the world as well as more developed wireless networks, according to a study from market research firm Ipsos Insight.

France and the UK are exhibiting the strongest growth in this trend, while internet usage via mobile phone in Japan also continues to grow rapidly.

Globally, 28% of mobile phone owners worldwide have browsed the internet on a wireless handset, up slightly from 25% at the end 2004.

Growth in this behaviour for 2005 was driven by the older users (age 35+), indicating that surfing the internet on a mobile phone is emerging as a mainstream activity, no longer dominated by the traditional early adopter segment – young males – typical of many new consumer technologies.