Networks lagging on non-voice ARPU

1 min read Networks & Network Services
Mobile operators in developed markets are failing to achieve significant increases in non-voice ARPU, according to a new Analysys report. Key findings include:
• Non-voice ARPU is flat for the majority of mobile operators in developed markets, with very few operators outside Japan breaking through the $10 per month barrier.
• Voice ARPU is declining for nearly all mobile operators, although a small number have managed to reverse the trend.
• Annual churn levels vary widely around the world, from less than 10% to over 50%. “Despite some disappointing findings, the best-in-class operators are demonstrating the way forward,” according to co-author Alastair Brydon. In particular he cites two British networks:
• O2 UK has increased non-voice ARPU by 19% per annum, to $12 per month, by stimulating the usage of SMS in a number of ways, without sacrificing its price.
• 3 UK has leapfrogged Japanese operators to achieve the highest non-voice ARPU levels in the world, by offering a host of innovative 3G services such as mobile TV, music downloads and user-generated content.