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NominationUnlike experiences with some other distributor account managers, Nigel is easy to contact, undrstands my requirements, has broad product knowledge and importantly, is prepared to work out a deal with me when needed...Gavin Hayes, Cellular UK
Q    What was your first paid employment? What did you spend your first pay-packet on?
Double paper round – the hardest game in the world!

Q    How long have you worked for Frequency?
Three years. I wanted a career change from marketing and when I found Frequency, I thought ‘end the search’ … so that’s where they got it from!

Q    What is the best aspect of your job?

Q    And what is the worst?
Not selling.

Q    What will you do next? And what’s your ultimate ambition?
To continue working hard and look to retire as early as possible.

Q    Suggest a sales incentive that would work for you.
The more I sell, the more I earn – that will do!

Q    Your home is on fire and you can rescue only one thing. What is it?
My family – it’d be a bit strange if I took my golf clubs.

Q    What’s the first record or CD you bought?
Madness, One Step Beyond. Still quality.

Q    What’s the last music you bought?
Kasabian, Empire. Still listening to it a bit.

Q    If you could change anything about the mobile industry and your role in it, what would it be and why?
I would have all networks operating a SIM-free strategy, as this would obviously create even more opportunity for me in my role.

Q    Which handset maker would you like to have shares in?
I predict VK Mobile to make a big move soon, in particular the Whippersnapper – keep an eye out!

Q    What’s your favourite restaurant dish?
Chicken Madras and all the trimmings. At home it’s sausage & mash with onion gravy.

Q    Cats or dogs?

Q    If you were a mobile phone, which would you be and why?
6310i refurb – it won’t go away!

Q    You’re designing a mobile handset for the future. What functions would it have and why?
To predict the winner the of the 3.20 at Haydock Park.

Q    What ringtone do you currently use? And if you were a ringtone, what would you be and why?
Ring Ring and Ring Ring – you know what you’re getting!

Q    Marmalade or marmite?

Q    What’s your favourite drink?
First cup of coffee of the day.

Q    What’s the question you are asked most often in the average working week?
Do you have that in pink ...

Q    Would you watch TV on your mobile? Would you pay for it?
Love football, but definitely no.

Q    Who should play you in the movie of your life?
That would have to be Nicholas Lyndhurst – for obvious reasons!

Q    Who inspires you and why?
Our MD, Gareth Limpenny. Truly a remarkable man.

Q    What keeps you awake at night?
Nothing – I’m married!

Q    And finally – what do you think about being awarded DM of the month?
Has to be one of the proudest moments of my life!
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