Orange Together for Charity

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Following the launch of Orange's Together package with it's cutesy, cuddly mascots, Orange have released toy versions for sale in all Orange stores with proceeds going to charity. Awww.
It would seem the chubby white wind-up toys from the adverts have become more popular than the products they're trying to sell. The combined mobile and broadband service has only attracted a few tens of thousands of customers, whereas Orange have had a batch of 100,000 toys made for sale due to popular demand.

The money raised will be going to Sense, the corporate charity, which helps people with vision and hearing problems.

This hasn't stopped people trying to cash in, with the toys going for up to £10 on online auction sites.

Orange have been trying to put a stop to the auctions .

"We are trying to bring people together at Christmas, and make a small difference to people's lives, so we were pretty shocked when we saw that someone was trying to make money on the back of a charity," said an Orange spokesman.