Personal adverts for mobile TV

Ericsson and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK have launched a two-month trial of personalised mobile TV advertising. 
The two-month trial sees advertisers employ customised marketing with individual mobile TV viewers. Volunteers will be able to access NRK’s two TV channels and five of its radio channels.

A made-for-mobile 24/7 TV program based on the popular Norwegian TV show På tråden (On the Line) will also be available during the trial. Customers can use their handsets to interact with the show’s host via voting and chatting, and can contribute content by uploading photos and video clips.

Advertisements will be interactive, customised to ensure their relevance to individual users, and tailored to the user’s age, gender, location and personal interests. Content will be accessed via a downloadable client, a Java application providing fast channel switching, interactivity and the new personal advertising features.