Skype on the Move

1 min read Networks & Network Services
Eurodesign has launched Mobigater, a Skype to GSM Gateway. Using a second SIM card, the device connects your PC, that runs Skype, and your mobile phone.
Mobigater acts as a gateway between these two devices allowing its users to make free Skype and very cheap SkypeOut long-distance calls from their mobile phones wherever they are. The device connects to the USB port of the computer allowing users to forward calls to their mobile phones. Similarly, a user can make calls from his mobile phone just by dialing his MobiGater device and adding a predefined speed dial of his Skype contact.

The receiver base-station needs a SIM card, and connection to a PC with Skype. Making a call in Skype, with the Mobigater activated, redirects the call from the SIM card to a mobile phone number you have assigned. And this results in low cost call if you choose the right tariff.

The technology works both ways; you can either receive Skype calls or call Skype contacts through your phone. Another option is using the SkypeIn and SkypeOut features of the messaging application. In this case international calls are much cheaper than using common GSM network operator rates.