The Most Hated in 2006

1 min read Networks & Network Services
This important category gives people the chance to sound off about something in the mobile business that really gets on their tits. We expects lots of Crazy Frog haters, and we weren’t disappointed.
We were more surprised by the volume of bile poured on the networks’ TV ads, though the criticism of various networks’ commission policies didn’t come as so much of a shock ...

WINNER or should that be loser

Blimey, this was a real surprise. Nearly half the votes cast in this category went to the network. The reasons range from specifics like Orange’s commission policies (“commission cuts ... commission jumping ... lack of commissions in October and November is putting dealers out of business ...”) to issues like the Animals tariff promotion (“crazy ... surely if something falls flat on it’s face, you give up and start again, not throw more money at it ...”) via its ads (“you don’t know what the new Orange advert is for until the very last second. Leaves you wondering what its all about ...”) Nothing else came close, not even the hangover memories of the Crazy Frog – which has barely been seen since late 2005.