Voda Drop Hugh Symons

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Another review of their indirect distribution strategy has lead Vodafone to serve notice on Hugh Symons during the Christmas break, giving them until the end of March to sell Vodafone contracts.
The news comes just over a month after Fone Logistics were dropped from the Voda family of distributors, and two months after Carphone were spectacularly ditched.

Although Hugh Symons have until March 31st to continue dealing with Vodafone contracts, they have decided to cut all ties immediately and no longer accept any new Voda connections.

Hugh Symons has said that it will credit any unconnected Vodafone devices and SIM cards returned to them in a resaleable condition.

Hugh Symons Business Manger, Bob Sweetlove said in a communication to dealers "We remain confident that we can continue with our business plan to become the UK’s No. 1 full service distributor and look forward to doing business with you in these changing times."

"Our 2007 structure will see us working even more closely with our key dealer partners. This move allows us to concentrate our efforts and improve our service levels across the board."

A spokesperson at Vodafone said that they are continuing to look at their wider indirect strategy but wasn't able to confirm when the next announcement would be.

Looking at past performance it seems to be every month, so it shouldn't be too long before we hear from Voda again.