Weekends are now free for Pay As You Talk customers

1 min read Networks & Network Services
On 1 July, Vodafone UK will launch a new tariff giving Pay As You Talk customers exceptional value, with unlimited free calls and texts all weekend.

Pay As You Talk customers who spend £5.00 during the week will get freecalls to any UK network and texts all weekend, while those who just spend £2.50 will receive free texts for the whole weekend. And as an added bonus for Vodafone customers, the weekend will start at 7:30 on Friday night. Reaction to the offer has been extremely positive. Customers have indicated that 'Free Weekends' now ranks top of all pre-pay offers as it is easy-to-understand, provides a great deal on both calls and texts, and can be combined with other offers such as Stop the Clock. Tim Yates, Director of Vodafone's Consumer Business Unit, told Mobile Business magazine "With Free Weekends we are re-addressing the balance for Pay As You Talk customers and showing Vodafone's passion to give customers good value."It also sees Vodafone become the first mobile network to reward its customers on a weekly rather than a monthly basis which fits with the profile of Pay As You Talk customers, who traditionally tend to budget week-by-week. Too often promotions offered don't reflect how people actually use their phones, but Vodafone has taken this into account when designing this offer." Free Weekends follows other recent value initiatives for Vodafone customers including Vodafone Stop The Clock where customers pay for just three minutes but can talk for up to an hour.