What is NotifyLink?

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What is NotifyLink?

Tony Cossington
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The NotifyLink Enterprise is a “Push email” Mobility Solution providing secure, real-time synchronised email to and from a variety of mobile devices including *Symbian, Palm, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile based handhelds. Users have the ability to compose, reply, forward, or delete their email while mobile. Email folders can be mirrored so what the client see’s in his outlook is the same as is seen in his phone

In addition users can maintain mobile synchronisation with their personal Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks (PIM) all from their wireless device. Meeting request s can also be initiated and accepted from the handset.

NotifyLink Enterprise server can be installed “On Premise” in a corporate network or the client can take advantage of an “On Demand” hosted service enabling almost instant setup without the technical resource overheads of an in house managed solution.

What Sets the Notify Link Enterprise Mobility Solution Apart?

Unlike many other enterprise solutions, NotifyLink provides a single solution supporting virtually all *Symbian, Palm, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry devices simultaneously over a variety of wireless networks: GSM/GPRS/EDGE/HSPDA, CDMA/1XRTT/EVDO and 802.11x.

The NotifyLink Enterprise Mobility Solution provides Over-the-Air synchronisation of email and PIM thus freeing users from being required to cradle their wireless devices in order to maintain synchronisation.


With NotifyLink, all email and PIM information will be stored safely behind an organisation’s firewall while all delivery of information to and from the wireless devices is encrypted with either the TDES or AES encryption algorithms. Multiple mail systems are supported at the same time. NotifyLink offers complete flexibility on deployments such as non standard TCP ports.


Supported email Platforms Include:

  • Alt-N Technologies
  • CommuniGate Pro
  • First Class
  • Gordano
  • Kerio
  • Meeting Maker
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Mirapoint
  • Novell GroupWise
  • Oracle
  • Scalix
  • Sun
  • Zimbra


Supported Mobile Devices:

  • BlackBerry
  • Windows Mobile
  • Palm
  • *Symbian (Series 60 Nokia and 9.0 Symbian clients supported)


NotifyLink 4.5 Features

  • Direct Push” or “Scheduled Push Capability for any *Symbian, BlackBerry, Palm, Windows Mobile wireless handheld device
  • Mobile Web Client for user configuration changes and account information and statistics
  • Two level audible email notification
  • Remote wipe of SD card
  • Lost device display message
  • Support for Multiple PIMS (calendar, contacts, and tasks) (12 PIMS currently supported)
  • Default action for messages that do not match any filter criteria
  • Administrative Login Levels
  • Automatic alerts sent to Admin of new NotifyLink releases for server and clients
  • Remote device configuration
  • Remote lock out of end user device settings
  • Device settings can be “pushed” out to the device based on Support Staff Admin levels
  • Define User Class - allows various configuration information to be assigned to a specific group of users
  • Send information OTA (NotifyLink Updates or 3rd Party Apps, or files) to device by user class
  • Back up NotifyLink data on device for device restoration purpose
  • Capacity Planning Statistics for System and Individual users


IT Professional Benefits:

  • Easy to Install and Configure
  • Separate Web Based Administration for IT and End User
  • All Data Stored Behind the Firewall
  • End-to-End Encryption Supporting AES and Triple DES
  • Enterprise Scalable System Architecture
  • Support for Multiple Devices
  • Simultaneous Support for Multiple email servers of different types
  • Supports a Variety of Wireless and Fixed Wireless (802.11x) Networks


Reseller Benefits:

  • Sell more smartphones
  • Sell more data contracts
  • Sell mixed handset types within an Enterprise with a single controlled “push mail” solution
  • Earn renewable revenue from NotifyLink “On Premise” and “on Demand” contracts


World Wide WebPlease Contact London Web for more details or visit www.notifylink.londonweb.net