Offering customers a full suite

8x8 outlines how resellers and MSPs can offer customers UCaaS and CCaaS solutions that complement the other services within their portfolios.

The channel ecosystem is much broader than it ever was before. Traditionally, it was telephony or telco providers but now, due to the way services are going with UCaaS and CCaaS, we are seeing different types of partners wanting to get a piece of the pie – such as IT and Microsoft partners. They are seeing where they can offer UCaaS and CCaaS to complement the other services they do.

This isn’t the only challenge, though. For traditional partners, you’re not only seeing the shift from on-prem to cloud but also the need to reskill as they move into a managed service offering.

However, they’re also up against different types of partners and selling models, so the traditional resellers are also up against agency partners whereas before that didn’t happen. When you also consider that there’s more IT resellers coming in as well, it shows that it’s definitely a period of change.

One thing that is becoming more prevalent is that, where possible, customers want to go with one partner to deal with their communication requirements.

If they want their digital workspace environment covered by one partner because they want to make sure they capture everything from desktop to UC to CC and aspects like security, they can do that. The challenge for partners is they need to make sure they can offer that full suite to customers.

Another evolution is that they can also look at how they want the solution to be provided. You have options where, with typical services you would have to go through a reseller and the reseller would then do. the deployment. With the agency model, they can work directly with the vendor and get the vendor to take on the support and the implementation.

What all of this means is that companies trying to work in the channel today need to work with companies who understand the change that is happening–and not only understand it but are able to help them succeed in it.

To that end, they want to work with companies like 8x8 where the relationship with the channel goes beyond that of being transactional.

Look at our latest programme for working with resale partners: Cloud Compass. This has been built specifically to help them maximise revenues while clearing the path to better profitability and new opportunities.

Features include:

  • 8x8 provides no-cost enablement, with hand-in-hand consulting and a holistic approach to growing businesses. What this means: from day one, we’re going to invest in your growth and success.
  • A customised onboarding path and growth strategy tailored to each business.
  • Dedicated COE, SE and AE teams to advise on driving business forward while giving the VAR/wholesaler total ownership of the customer relationship - in other words, all the support they need, without interference in the relationships that are being built..
  • Cross-selling support across contact centre and CCaaS, as well as UCaaS to help businesses grow faster across multiple markets.
  • Exclusive SPIFFs and promotions to help incentivize and reward your hard work and partnership.

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