2007 "A Threshold for VoIP" say Inclarity

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Next year will herald the phasing out of the traditional telephone system as British businesses look to the internet to enhance their telephony, according to Broadband Telephony provider, Inclarity. In 2007, the phenomenal growth in VoIP uptake will continue to rise as British businesses take advantage of its financial, environmental and practical benefits. Inclarity has seen 750 per cent growth in VoIP sales in the last 12 months.

SME's have recognised the business benefits of replacing a traditional PBX system with a hosted solution utilising the benefits of VoIP. These include employees being able to work remotely, abroad, or at home via internet telephony at the cost of a local call. Aside from significantly reducing phone call and hardware costs, Inclarity's solution improves employees' work/life balance as it allows them to work from home.

"The convergence of voice and data is enabling increased productivity and efficiency by cutting the need to commute so often," said Craig Joseph, COO, Inclarity. "Cost savings, added functionality and flexible working are all key drivers in the IT managers' decision making process. Hosted VoIP solutions meet all these needs as well as addressing environmental concerns."

Following Sir Nicholas Stern's report on climate change, 2007 will be the year in which businesses the world over will be looking to address their impact on the environment. Using internet telephony, employees can work remotely which cuts the amount of carbon omissions generated from the long and costly commute to work. It also uses less hardware, meaning less landfill and energy consumption, creating a greener environment for the employee and planet.