2ergo Launches Channel Support Package

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2ergo has launched a package of marketing and sales support for channel partners wishing to exploit the fast-growing tendency for businesses to communicate with key audiences via the mobile channel.

The organisation, a provider of integrated and converged mobile products and services, is offering the support to partners wishing to sell its MultiSend Lite product.

Using proven technology adopted by leading brands such as O2 and Phones 4 U, 2ergo’s MultiSend is an interactive web-based messaging service that allows users to create and send personalised communication to audiences ranging from hundreds to millions automatically, through a single product. It enables communication to be fast, frequent and hugely cost-effective, with return on investment typically within one month.

MultiSend Lite is the entry level product, used for sending personalised SMS messages, which is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) handling medium to high customer volumes.

2ergo is offering the marketing package worth £15,000 free to channel partners meeting the qualifying criteria for 2ergo’s business partner programme. The package includes partner-branded e-shots, an interactive microsite, direct mailer, datasheet, bill stuffer and sales tools, to help partners drive and close sales over the phone or face-to-face.

2ergo can also send in its experts to train qualifying partners’ sales teams in how to sell MultiSend Lite. It can also provide incentives to motivate these specialist staff and reward those delivering outstanding performances.

Chris Brassington, 2ergo managing director, said: “More and more companies are discovering for themselves the huge advantages of sending customer communications, such as confirmations, appointments, quotations, reminders or special offers by text. That’s not surprising when you realise 97 per cent of SMS messages are opened immediately and our own experience indicates they typically generate response rates of 25 per cent or higher.

“In addition to having an increasingly receptive audience to sell to, channel partners selling MultiSend Lite will also be tapping into a very profitable revenue stream. Simple maths suggests that if a provider converts 10 per cent of a customer base of 10,000 in 12 months, they’ll generate a profit in excess of £250,000.

“So channel partners not encouraging their customers to join the mobile CRM revolution really are missing a trick, and we intend that our new support package will enable more of them to exploit this fantastic opportunity.”

MultiSend Lite is among a range of 2ergo products and solutions that enable organisations to take advantage of integrated mobile communications, by implementing closely targeted and personalised marketing and customer relationship management campaigns. The company’s products and services allow organisations to mobilise their business processes, reduce costs, increase sales and offer customers an enhanced experience, among other advantages.

At the core of 2ergo’s product portfolio is the groundbreaking MultiServe, which seamlessly integrates voice, data, text, email, video and mobile internet channels into one powerful mobile software solution.