3Com Opens Platform for Best of Breed Applications

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Capitalizing on a growing demand for network solutions that deliver intelligence, flexibility, performance and control, 3Com has launched 3Com Open Services Networking (3Com OSN).

3Com OSN is the first step in the company’s strategy to differentiate its secure, converged network solutions through an open, interoperable architecture, which offers the flexibility and innovation of a best-of-breed model combined with the simplicity and cost savings of the integrated, single-vendor structure.

The company says 3Com OSN challenges how networks are built by enabling a rich and diverse set of third-party, open source and 3Com applications and services to run seamlessly inside the network infrastructure. OSN is the industry’s first open platform that integrates best-of-breed applications into the network infrastructure, enabling organizations to deliver differentiated services, operational simplicity and cost savings, while proactively addressing ever-changing business needs.

“A significant focus of our technology strategy revolves around leveraging best-of-breed technology and open source applications to differentiate our networking solutions through innovation. OSN represents the foundation for that strategy and our future initiatives,” said Edgar Masri, 3Com’s president and CEO. “OSN combines 3Com’s vision for next-generation networking solutions with H3C’s pioneering R&D and cost-effective manufacturing capabilities. It has the ability to drive a significant change in the networking landscape towards open, flexible multi-vendor integration.”

Unlike some networking vendors/competitors, who provide single vendor offerings that lock customers in to a limited and pre-determined set of applications, OSN provides flexibility and choice. OSN enables managed service providers (MSP) and system integrators (SI) to differentiate their service offerings with third party, internally developed or open source applications to meet their customers’ ever changing needs, which results in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. For example, a Managed Service Provider can centrally deploy and manage internally-developed provisioning, monitoring or advanced security applications quickly without disruption of service.

OSN also offers the unique opportunity for providers to quickly and cost-effectively test-market new applications and solutions, creating new and compelling business models such as “try and buy” service offerings that let customers sample a new application or service on a trial basis before purchasing.

Enterprise organizations can customize their network according to their business needs. For example, OSN enables network managers to proactively meet changing compliance requirements by deploying best-of-breed applications in a faster, cost effective and less complex manner. By tightly integrating applications and services within the network infrastructure, 3Com OSN enables unparalleled flexibility, visibility and control of network traffic and application performance.