7IM’s personal touch reaps rewards with Mitel IP solution from Worksmart

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Investment company Seven Investment Management (7IM) has improved its customer service with a Mitel IP Solution from reseller Worksmart.

In tough economic times, 7IM relies on top-notch timely, reliable customer service for a competitive edge. The company was looking for a communications solution that would help it to manage its clients with the personal touch. 7IM worked with Worksmart on the design, implementation and maintenance for a new phone system and Mitel Communications Director software was deployed, running on a Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform to deliver a completely integrated communications solution.

7IM’s Marketing Director, Justin Urquhart, said, “We are a people business and do not want our clients to deal with bureaucratic systems. Instead of having to rage against the machine and deal with phone systems where you have various numbers and are transferred from one person to another, the client can immediately reach the correct person. This delivers first time call resolution to the client. Previously we haven’t been able to communicate the power of our brand with the telephone because the phone system has not enabled it.

From a customer service angle, we are miles ahead of where we were.

Mitel has allowed us to deal with our clients on a personal level enabling the personality of the 7IM brand to come through. Something that was never possible with the previous phone system.”

The solution was deployed over a weekend to minimise disruption. Offices in Edinburgh and London are now networked together to provide seamless communication between offices.

“We performed a cost benefit analysis of the system that we previously had and the Mitel system that we have now; we have lowered our costs and improved customer service – an ideal outcome. Calls between offices are now free. Improved communication between our offices is an intangible benefit, but a very important one to have,” said Tom Sheridan, CEO, 7IM.

Graham Stott, IT Director 7IM, said, “Worksmart keeps us informed on developments in the market. The company is very professional and knowledgeable, with a ‘can do’ attitude.”

Worksmart has recently been awarded ‘Mitel Accredited Trading specialist PARTNER’. Its work with 7IM and other financial services clients including Ambrian Capital, an AIM listed specialist investment banking group, has established Worksmart as a key player in this sector.

“Mitel’s IP solution is robust and reliable, which is essential in the financial services market. We now have a business continuity strategy that provides us with a robust and reliable phone system. The solution has not only improved customer service and communications between staff and resulted in cost-savings, but its flexibility and scalability will take us into the future so we can add on applications that will enable 7IM to constantly improve its services.” concluded Stott.