8x8 signs 4 huge resellers

Unified Comms
8x8 has announced four major UK resellers have joined the 8x8 Channel Programme, and are ramping to move their installed customer base to cloud-based voice, video and sharing for meetings, contact centres and applications on the 8x8 platform.

John Delozier, Senior Vice President & Global Channel Chief at 8x8, said “We’re working with the largest and fastest-growing partners in the industry, and together we are helping businesses across the UK work more effectively by moving their legacy Avaya, Cisco and Mitel on-premises communications to the cloud. With hundreds of millions of legacy, on-premises seats available for migration worldwide, this is one of the fastest growing cloud opportunities.”

Partners, including Charterhouse, Computacenter, NSL and Softcat are already benefiting from being part of the 8x8 community.

Mark Brooks-Wadham, Chief Executive Officer, Charterhouse, said, “As we look to accelerate our business over the coming months, we are thrilled to be working with 8x8. The 8x8 X Series completes our product portfolio with their single-platform communication solution. Since partnering with 8x8, we’ve been able to add significant value to our existing customers by offering a pure-cloud communication platform. 8x8 has one of the best user training programmes in the industry and it ensures we fully support our customers on their cloud journey from onboarding through to user training and adoption.”

Pete Groushko, Technology Sourcing & Software Sales Director at Computacenter, said “We’re delighted to be working with 8x8. With demand for cloud communications rapidly gaining momentum as organisations look to move away from legacy on-premise based technology, our relationship with 8x8 will mean we are perfectly positioned to help our customers achieve digital transformation.”

Steve Larkinson, Managing Director at NSL, said “Many of our customers on legacy Avaya-based systems are planning to or have already moved to the cloud with the help of 8x8, not only improving collaboration but also helping them significantly reduce costs that come with adopting cloud technology. Thanks to 8x8’s unique channel and engagement model, we have experienced significant business growth over the past 12 months, and are confident this will continue as their technology evolves in line with market needs.”

Rhys Lawson, Head of Digital Workspace at Softcat, said “As a clear leader in the cloud communications space, we were confident our partnership with 8x8 would deliver results, adding value back to our clients. Offering a unique single-platform solution, 8x8 is firmly positioned to support our customers to migrate to the cloud.”