Aastra Brings Improved Collaboration and Productivity

1 min read
Aastra has announced key updates to its Virtual Presence (ViPr) video conferencing solution providing additional security features in the form of AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) to encrypt all media streams and expanding collaborative functionality through integration with Microsoft Live Meeting

ViPr is a secure, high quality, remote communication and collaboration system enabling sharing of documents, multi-media content and real-time applications. A touch screen and an intuitive interface provide unparalleled ease of use, ensuring a ViPr call is as good as a face-to-face meeting, with the benefit of having no travel time or expense.

"We've designed ViPr with a number of key objectives in mind - to improve employee collaboration and increase staff productivity, while reducing costs and administrative burden. These new updates provide users with much more collaborative functionality including the ability to transfer files, conduct whiteboard sessions, chat and more. However, what makes ViPr different is that it completely integrates video conferencing with the communications technologies that you have on your desk top. It can serve as your desktop monitor, phone and conference screen all at once," said Keith Huthmacher, Director of Engineering, ViPr Technology at Aastra.

ViPr was the industry's first SIP-based video communications solution integrating seamlessly into any IP telephony system including bridges to PBXs and PSTN. ViPr has the capability for simple multiparty calls which are as easy to establish as a phone call. In addition, ViPr's conferencing model eliminates the need to purchase additional expensive infrastructure to support multiparty calls.

Based on the H.264 standard, ViPr provides high quality resolution at low bandwidths and maintains virtual presence at all bandwidths, regardless of the number of participants. The ViPr solution is available in multiple configurations from personal desktop units to rack-mounted or table-mounted conference room models. It is currently deployed in several industries and applications including federal government, state and local government, distance learning and healthcare.

"Aastra's commitment is to deliver open, standards-based communication solutions to the enterprise and large campus environments. We're very excited to bring this latest generation of SIP-based video communications solution to market," said Michael Calvert, Aastra UK. "We believe there is a clear ROI for this solution. Customers are already using it for distance learning and training, remote medical diagnosis, secure remote depositions and testimonies, and global broadcasts of live performances. The applications are only limited by one's imagination, and we're anticipating more innovative uses daily."