Aastra Hosts Paris Forum For Gold Partners

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A number of Aastra’s ‘Gold Plus’ partners were taken to the Company’s Paris office recently to give them the first view of Aastra’s new IntelliGate handsets and a demonstration of the new features of its latest i7.5 software release.

Aastra’s top tier dealers, who have all achieved the Company’s coveted ‘Gold Plus’ status travelled to Paris for a one day conference, hosted by Michael Calvert, who heads up Aastra in the UK. The Gold Plus team learned about Aastra’s new product developments as well as the Company’s latest news and plans for the future. The day also included a tour of Aastra’s Research & Development operation which revealed new plans for mobility solutions such as IP DECT and server-based networking.

Features of the new i7.5 software release that were highlighted included improvements to the voicemail system with extended voice storage capacity. The courtesy service has also been improved to allow multiple messages to be played to an incoming caller, all without any additional equipment.

Other news from Michael Calvert included the announcement that Aastra is now number one in the European market for up to 100 extensions according to analyst MZA.

Commenting on Aastra’s Gold Plus Forum, Michael Calvert said, “Our new product release provided a great opportunity to do something special with our Gold Plus partners. We hold regular forums to work closely with our Gold partners. We want their feedback on our products, their markets and what they need from us – they talk, we listen and then we act.”

Paul Allen of Admiral Voice and Data Systems said, “The trip was a great opportunity to understand Aastra’s latest product offering and also to hear about its vision for the future. Aastra is a major supplier for us and it is reassuring to know that we have its full weight and commitment behind us.”