Aastra Welcomes Samsung to SIP Party

Mike Ballantine, Product Manager at PBX vendor Aastra Telecom says he notes the recent Samsung announcement relating to the release of their new OfficeServ 7100 and their claim, “As a VoIP solution, OfficeServ 7100 can support SIP trunks and it is the only telephony system in its class which currently offers SIP trunking.

Ballantine, “We have been supporting SIP Trunks for nearly two years on the IntelliGate 2025 (maximum 30 extensions) and IntelliGate 2045 (maximum 60 extensions) and the new IntelliGate 150 (maximum 10 extensions) and IntelliGate 300 (maximum extensions 50) since August 2006

I am not certain what Samsung deem as ‘in its class’ but they are very late to the game but good to see them joining none the less.”