Aculab launches ApplianX

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The next generation of ‘plug and play’ products designed for a range of infrastructure roles

Aculab, a provider of enabling technology for the global communications market, today announced the launch of ApplianX, a range of products designed for network infrastructure roles in the converged networks of enterprises and service providers.

ApplianX will include a range of voice and video IP gateways, SIP trunking gateways, media servers and related equipment. The portfolio of products will be available in both enterprise class and carrier class presentations of highly resilient, scalable, high availability configurations, with capacities of up to 4 trunks in a single 1U server and 80 trunks in a cPCI, carrier class chassis.

ApplianX products share a number of common features that together contribute to a low total cost of ownership along with an exceptional return on investment. This includes the 19” rack-mount presentation, which eases installation and co-existence with other infrastructure equipment. Configuration and administration is facilitated by the use of an integrated HTML web server for remote configuration and monitoring, plus support for SNMP, RADIUS, CDRs and event logging. Extensive standards compliance ensures maximum compatibility with other systems.

Resilience and robustness is assured by the use of replicated facilities in areas that are critical, or traditionally prone to failure: dual IP traffic interfaces; hot-swap power supplies; RAID arrays when hard disk drives are absolutely necessary; but otherwise using reliable solid-state Flash memory.

Finally, high performance and rich functionality are achieved by design, focussing upon specific tasks within the converged network, and delivering solutions that address those tasks in breadth and depth, rather than attempting to be a ‘Jack of all trades’.

The first two products available are the ApplianX IP Gateway and ApplianX VoiceXML Media Server. The ApplianX IP Gateway comes with 1, 2 or 4 E1 or T1 trunks supporting a wide variety of E1 and T1 protocols and approvals, plus PBX integration protocols DPNSS and Q.SIG. The ApplianX VoiceXML Media Server is a deployment-ready, standards-based media service platform for service centre and enterprise installation that is able to attach to either TDM or IP (SIP) networks and execute applications written to VXML 2.0 and CCXML 1.0.