Adista CTX shines in new work environment

2 min read Unified Comms
Adista relies on Centile’s ISTRA solution to offer an advanced enterprise telephony service and eliminate the gap between fixed and mobile. Known as CTX (Communication & Telephony eXpanded), all aspects of telephony are unification in all situations, whatever the connectivity, to offer a user-centric communication service in the modern workplace.

Adista CTX has been a great success since its launch a few months ago. While traditional telephony platforms have shown their limits in new work environments imposed by the lockdown, CTX allows end-users to work remotely, with the same experience as if they were in the office.

Users expect a single solution/all in one solution, yet traditional enterprise telephony still too often offers two telephone numbers, with a fixed-line unusable outside the office, and difficulties in transferring calls.

Adista CTX addresses these challenges by unifying telephony in a universal and unique way. The smartphone is integrated into the enterprise's telephony communication platform, including softphones or desk phones. Adista CTX unifies all the enterprise’s telephony needs in a single communication service, with the same rules, quality and functionality, whether communicating on the company network, the public network, the GSM or the internet.

This usage and user-centric approach is also reflected in the integration of the mobile device into collaborative tools or CRM, as well as various SaaS and voice services via APIs.

“With Centile, we offer a concrete technological step forward to our customers, based on unification of communication, for a better user experience. Our partnership allowed us to deliver a set of voice services in the Cloud, which has strong appeal to enterprises seeking collaboration gains”, said Pierre Pfister, DG of Adista in charge of Operations.

Adista and Centile have been working together since the launch of Adista’s first Centrex IP offerings, benefiting from a shared approach to their respective software architecture and their technical infrastructure. Adista CTX (Communication & Telephony eXpanded) is based on Centile ISTRA and Fixed Mobile Convergence solutions. Marketed by its direct salesforce, Adista CTX is also distributed by its partners, attracted by a technical offer that combines both fixed and mobile - with SIMbioz - in a perfectly unified vision. Adista CTX is hosted in its own data centres.

“We are proud of this innovative and successful Fixed-Mobile Convergence offering, which is the result of several years of work initiated in the Scandinavian regions and made possible in France thanks to an efficient ecosystem: Adista, Centile and Euro-Information-Telecom. Thanks to Centile's ISTRA technology, our historic partner Adista responds in a relevant way to the growing needs for mobility and flexibility in the way of working of users and enterprises. Nordic countries are far ahead in terms of mobility with 90% of business users working on "all mobile". In other words, they have a PC and a smartphone, but no deskphone, and have the flexibility to control both a landline number and a mobile, as well as all the functions of corporate telephony and integration with business applications. I think that the Covid-19 crisis that we are experiencing will also accelerate the adoption of such solutions in France” added Bertrand Pourcelot, DG at Centile Telecom Applications.